We Got BS to Learn From

My first professional experience of fully utilizing lessons learned was a few years back when I was working with a tech company that provided client services and products to the Federal Government. Working with the company showed me that the good, the bad and the ugly all matter when it comes to effective project management. A lot of the projects we worked on were sort of like moonshots (in other words we wanted to change the world somehow or someway), where we utilized technology to better leverage efficiency and productivity for our clients. Sometimes it was a win, but there were those times where we had to have tough conversations and really look at how the hell did we get here?! 

Sometimes your intentions won’t produce the results you want, and you really have to figure out are we going in the right direction as a team. The goal of our research is to analyze just that; intention versus direction and how that looks over time. Because when you look back at it all, you will clearly see the pros and cons to your decision making.

So with that being said lets start this journey of figuring out collectively as a community what we can do differently to be overall better and more productive. Remember, learning is a communal process and we are glad you are willing to deal with our BS as we figure it out too. 

Ricky ParkerComment